The Core Analysis Loop, or: Heatmaps Make Analysis Better
In this blog miniseries, I’m talking about how to think about doing data analysis, the Honeycomb way. In Part I, I talked about how heatmaps help us understand how data analysis works. In Part II, I’d like to broaden the perspective to include the subject of actually analyzing data. Let’s talk a little more about […]
Heatmaps Make Ops Better
In this blog miniseries, I’d like to talk about how to think about doing data analysis “the Honeycomb way.”  Welcome to part 1, where I cover what a heatmap is—and how using them can really level up your ability to understand what’s going on with distributed software. Heatmaps are a vital tool for software owners: […]
Explore RubyGems data with Honeycomb
Our new public dataset is now available — use it to analyze global download traffic of all gems hosted on RubyGems! About is the Ruby community’s gem hosting service. Gem creators can publish their gems to RubyGems for anyone to use. Developers can install gems from RubyGems using tools like Bundler or […]
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