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Get Your Copy: 2023 Observability and Application Performance Trend Report

To build the most performant and resilient applications, teams must stretch beyond monitoring into the world of data, telemetry, and observability. Today, and moving into the future, it’s no longer just about monitoring logs, metrics, and traces—instead, it’s more deeply rooted in a performance-centric team culture, end-to-end monitoring and observability, and the thoughtful usage of data analytics.

In October 2023, DZone, in partnership with Honeycomb, surveyed software developers, architects, and other IT professionals in order to understand the state of observability and performance, including how teams design, build, monitor, and observe their software and systems with the objective of maximizing performance. 

Download the report for free to learn more about these key findings:

  • Software performance patterns
  • Factors of poor software performance
  • Self-healing
  • Identifying performance problems
  • Performance degradation root causes
  • Timing

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