Webinars Observability Engineering Best Practices

Changing Practices on Your Team - Observability Driven Development


Welcome to The Authors’ Cut Series
Implementing observability isn’t just about how you instrument your applications, but how you work as a team. There’s no magic bullet or universal starting point, but there are some key patterns we’ve observed at Honeycomb that have helped organizations reap the rewards of observability quickly. In this session, we discuss these patterns, and how to introduce observability into our development cycles earlier.

Topics include:
- Where to Start? How to overcome roadblocks and demonstrate value quickly by starting with your biggest pain points. (Chapter 10)
- Iterative Instrumentation Strategies for building upon a foundation of auto-instrumentation, iteratively, based on your application’s specific needs. (Chapter 10)
- Observability-Driven Development How to go beyond test-driven development (TDD) by shifting observability left to speed up software delivery and understand how your new features perform in the real world. (Chapter 11)

About This Series
Welcome to The Authors’ Cut series. In writing the O’Reilly Observability Engineering book, our goal is to help you achieve production excellence, based on our experiences building and operating commercial SaaS products at scale, and as creators of observability tooling for high-performance engineering teams. These are interactive sessions led by authors Charity Majors, Liz Fong-Jones, and George Miranda where you’ll discuss concepts in the book, see how to apply them in Honeycomb, and get advice on strategy and implementation in your world.