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Fireside Chat: Honeycomb & DORA Talk Engineering Productivity and Cost-Cutting Strategies

Maximize productivity, minimize costs

What do hidden costs, developer productivity, and user feedback have in common? Listen in as Charity Majors, Honeycomb CTO and Nathen Harvey, DORA Lead, Google Cloud explore how these areas are intertwined and provide advice on how to make the most out of your engineering budgets and resources.

In this fireside chat, Charity Majors will share her latest thoughts on the cost crisis in observability tooling and how “observability 2.0” empowers organizations to course-correct their budgets. Nathen Harvey will highlight how DORA’s software delivery metrics can help you manage costs and improve developer productivity.

Special guest

Nathen Harvey, DORA Lead, Google Cloud

Key learning points

  • Avoid getting crushed by APM bills
  • Advocate for more (and/or different) resources
  • Create more predictable ways of failing
  • Obtain and leverage user feedback to re-prioritize your engineering roadmap