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Learn to Leverage Service Maps with Honeycomb


Let Honeycomb map out your distributed services

Mapping out distributed services is hard. Even with intimate knowledge of the systems being mapped, it can be a laborious task. Fortunately, once your apps are configured to send traces, Honeycomb has the information needed to map out distributed services and dependencies. With this data, Honeycomb can offer a Service Maps feature with the data already being ingested into Honeycomb. Having a service map is great, but what can you actually do with one? Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually ask questions of your maps? We thought so too, so we made Service Maps interactive! David Marchante, our Implementation Engineer, demos:

- Drilling into specific services
- Filtering and querying
- Navigating directly to traces

Learn how you can get a better understanding of your service architecture and use that knowledge to debug your systems more effectively.