Webinars Observability Engineering Best Practices

Observability in Sociotechnical Systems: How to Use Telemetry Data to Inform Software and Org Design


Is your organisational model hindering business and holding back engineering? How would you know? Observability gives us insight into our sociotechnical systems, people, and code. Matthew Skelton, co-author of Team Topologies, and Jessica Kerr, Developer Advocate at Honeycomb, have a conversation about structuring software teams for fast flow of change. They talk about team structure, observability, and when more collaboration is not better. They also cover site reliability engineering (SRE) and tooling, and when helpful tools lead us to dark patterns that hurt us, along with the sociotechnical nature of software engineering and how observability connects the human and digital sides of this world.

Listen to grow your perspective on software, and learn how to make better decisions about software architecture and organisational structure by answering questions like:

- How much collaboration is too much?
- When is it time to address risk and technical debt?
- How can we find the natural boundaries in our systems?
- Which SRE practices can help you and which won’t?
- What can observability do for the business as a whole?