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Platform Engineering Is the Future of Ops


Ops and DevOps roles as we know them are on their way to becoming extinct—the future is platform engineering. While DevOps engineers typically focus on the application layer, platform engineers focus on the underlying infrastructure layer. Without a solid and reliable platform, it can be challenging to deploy and maintain software applications effectively. This can result in downtime, poor performance, and security vulnerabilities. Platform engineering enables software applications and services to run effectively and efficiently and has a direct impact on the user experience and the success of the entire organization.

Honeycomb’s Charity Majors, CTO & Co-founder, and Pierre Tessier, Director, Solution Architects, dig deep into how the future of ops is headed toward platform engineering. You will learn more about the benefits of platform engineering vs a traditional DevOps approach such as:

- System reliability
- Improved efficiency
- Faster delivery time
- Improved workflow & process standards