Webinars OpenTelemetry Observability

Take Control of Your Observability Data: An Engineering Roundtable on Lessons Learned with OpenTelemetry


Instrumenting your code is a key foundational step when starting your observability journey. But it’s all too easy to choose proprietary instrumentation agents or libraries that are frustrating, time-wasting, and create vendor lock-in. Instead, you can set up your instrumentation once and have the power to use your telemetry data anywhere you see fit. With OpenTelemetry, you can avoid common vendor traps and get the observability you deserve.

OpenTelemetry is the most useful way to set up your applications for observability. But to get the most from OpenTelemetry, hearing from engineering teams like yours can help you avoid common implementation pitfalls.

Learn about successful adoption patterns from teams at Campspot, Upgrade, and Jimdo during an engineering roundtable discussion with Phillip Carter that covers emergent practices and provides actionable advice. You’ll learn about:

- The problems OpenTelemetry can solve & how to get started
- Pitfalls encountered and overcoming roadblocks
- Tips on managing custom instrumentation
- How Honeycomb supports your use of OpenTelemetry

Let OpenTelemetry with Honeycomb be the foundation for your observability success.