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CTO Connection: Application Stability 2021

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Observability, Telemetry, and Monitoring in 2024
Observability, Telemetry, and Monitoring in 2024

Over the past five years, software and systems have become increasingly complex and challenging for teams to understand. A challenging macroeconomic environment, the rise of generative AI, and further advancements in cloud computing compound the problems faced by many organizations. Simply understanding what’s broken is difficult enough, but trying to do so while balancing the need to constantly innovate and ship makes the problem worse. Your end users have options, and if your software systems are unreliable, they’ll choose a different one.

Introducing Honeycomb for Frontend
Introducing Honeycomb for Frontend: Get the Data You Need for Actionable Customer Experience Improvements

Honeycomb for Frontend gives frontend developers the ability to quickly identify opportunities for optimization within their web app. This starts with better OpenTelemetry instrumentation, available as an NPM package, that lets you instrument and collect attribution data on Core Web Vitals in under an hour.

Introducing Expanded Fields
Introducing Relational Fields

Expanded fields allow you to more easily find interesting traces and learn about the spans within them, saving time for debugging and enabling more curiosity within your team around how transactions perform throughout your services.