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DevOpsDays Seattle 2021

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What Is Application Performance Monitoring?

Application performance monitoring, also known as APM, represents the difference between code and running software. You need the measurements in order to manage performance.

Birdie's DevOps Evolution Fueled by Observability Insights
Flight to Success: Birdie’s DevOps Evolution Fueled by Observability Insights

Challenge Birdie wanted to uplevel observability to a platform that would provide meaningful insights for application performance and debugging. Ensuring customers can provide seamless and timely care to in-home patients stands as a top...

APM from a Developer’s Perspective

In twenty years of software development, I did not have the privilege of being on call, of tending to my software in production. I’ve never understood what “APM” means. Anybody can tell me what it stands for—Application Performance Monitoring (or sometimes, the M means Management)—but what does it mean? What do people use APM for? Now, I work at an observability company—and still, no one can give me a satisfying definition of “APM.” So I did some research, and now the use of APM makes sense from a few angles.