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APM from a Developer’s Perspective
APM From a Developer’s Perspective

In twenty years of software development, I did not have the privilege of being on call, of tending to my software in production. I’ve never understood what “APM” means. Anybody can tell me what it stands for—Application Performance Monitoring (or sometimes, the M means Management)—but what does it mean? What do people use APM for? Now, I work at an observability company—and still, no one can give me a satisfying definition of “APM.” So I did some research, and now the use of APM makes sense from a few angles.

Birdie's DevOps Evolution Fueled by Observability Insights
Flight to Success: Birdie’s DevOps Evolution Fueled by Observability Insights

Birdie’s platform is a complex software system that covers a lot of ground—from care management and rostering to HR and finance. To ensure the platform runs smoothly and the team can swiftly fix issues, the company depends on a smart observability tool to understand its performance and direct debugging efforts. However, since it’s not clear upfront which dimensions are going to be valuable for debugging purposes, the team needs the ability to adeptly query and explore the data.

Three Properties of Data to Make LLMs Awesome
Three Properties of Data to Make LLMs Awesome

Back in May 2023, I helped launch my first bona fide feature that uses LLMs in production. It was difficult in lots of different ways, but one thing I didn’t elaborate in several blog posts was how lucky I was to have a coherent way to get the data I needed to make the feature useful for users.