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SKILup Days: Cloud Native and Serverless 2021

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Find Issues Before Your Customers Do—Now with a $50M Series D to Keep Building the Future

TL;DR—This is a fundraising post! Yes, even in this economy. Here at Honeycomb, we’ve always tried to focus more on the problems we help our customers solve than playing the meta game of posturing...

Generalists vs. Specialists: Figuring Out Your Path
Generalists vs. Specialists: Figuring Out Your Path

Last month, I had the opportunity to join Jen Dary on her podcast, Be Plucky. The conversation was great, and we covered a lot of topics. We unpacked the merits and nuances of growing as a generalist and/or a specialist. I also had the chance to reflect on and share my experience in changing roles and making a few specialization shifts in my career. 

Twelve-Factor Apps and Modern Observability
Twelve-Factor Apps and Modern Observability

The Twelve-Factor App methodology is a go-to guide for people building microservices. In its time, it presented a step change in how we think about building applications that were built to scale, and be agnostic of their hosting. As applications and hosting have evolved, some of these factors also need to. Specifically, factor 11: Logs.