Efficient Data Store

Fast Query Builder Locates Problems Faster

Better insights about production behavior stems from what is captured. With no limits on the number of columns, Honeycomb stores raw events and crunches through them at read time giving you immediate query results plus access to the raw event to fully diagnose the production problem.

Locate problems faster and by using interactive visuals. Navigate to the exact dataset that needs close inspection. Honeycomb takes advantage of a column-oriented architecture, solid state drives, and industry-standard approximation algorithms to execute your most complex queries, faster.

Blog: The True Cost of "Search-First"

Configure Data for Query & Retention

Flexible Data Management

Configure your datasets in the Honeycomb usage center for your entire team and adjust over time as you scale. Rebalancing storage allocations is simple and fast.

Smart Sampling for Scale

When managing at scale, use smart sampling. You decide the best approach, i.e. 1 in every 5 events; per customer; per response-code; or whatever is important to you.

Easily Integrated Log Data

With Honeytail, ingest log data and gain valuable insights about your system. Designed to continuously consume new content as it appears and detect when a log file rotates.

"When investigating a problem, I want to know if it’s caused by a particular customer. Being able to break down metrics on higher-cardinality fields gives very actionable insights."

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Further Reading

The New Rules of Sampling

One of the most common questions we get is how to control costs while achieving the level of observability needed to troubleshoot and understand what is happening in production. Learn how we tackle this with smart sampling.

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Reduce Uncertainty. Taking Observability First Steps

From the moment a request comes in, to the time the response has reached the end user, being able to trace entire requests is critical in identifying and understanding problems.

Shared Wisdom From a Practitioner

Connect the "dots" - or Send the Data You Need

By integrating with Rookout, you send non-breaking breakpoints to collect data you want from your live code and have it delivered to Honeycomb.

Send the data “dots” you need