Stop Letting Complexity
Slow You Down

Honeycomb makes it easy to understand and troubleshoot complex relationships within your distributed services. Solve problems faster.
Ship reliable and performant features.

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Guess Less.
Know More.

Two questions are key to measuring success at any time: How are your production services really performing right now? Who exactly is having a bad experience?

Many teams try (and fail) to answer these questions using legacy monitoring and APM tools that hit dead ends. Modern applications require a modern approach. Honeycomb’s observability shines a light into all the previously dark corners of production.

Quickly drill down to troubleshoot individual user experience. Find hidden problems. Zoom out to see the big picture. With Honeycomb, you guess less and know more.


No more fumbling in the dark. We can’t do our jobs without Honeycomb

Ray Slakinski

Staff Developer, SRE

Honeycomb shows me what’s relevant immediately. Ridiculously powerful.

Matt Button

Engineering Team Lead

Older problems took days or weeks—we solved them in moments with Honeycomb.

Grace E.

Software Developer

Less guessing, more knowing. That’s Honeycomb.


Mike Atkins

Software Engineer

High-Performing Teams

Fail less often, recover faster,
change faster, deploy frequently

Resource Library

Faster Incident Response

Quickly locate sources of problems across complex applications. Use distributed tracing to find issues buried deeply within your stack.

Treat Performance Like a Feature

Slow is the new down. Honeycomb is designed to help teams make smart investments in optimizing performance for better user experiences.

Release Features Faster

Teams adopt rules like “no-deployment Fridays” because they’re afraid of surprises. Know exactly what to expect. Break the chains of fear. Ship more features faster, with fewer failures.

Have Confidence in Production

Honeycomb helps you understand things about production that others simply chalk up as unknowable. Shine the light of observability into your code and stop settling for less.


Tame Alerts.
Focus on What Matters.

Honeycomb’s Service-Level Objectives (SLOs) let you drill down to figure out exactly what is affecting customer experience. Set up alerts to trigger only on things that matter to your users and your business.

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Observe, Debug, Improve

Achieve production excellence with Honeycomb.

Lower Your Mean-Time-To-WTF

Many problems can’t be seen in staging. BubbleUp quickly identifies bizarre and novel problems by finding deviations from baselines and showing you who and what is behind those anomalies.

how bubbleup works

No Context Switching

Stop jumping between different tools to connect the dots. Toggle between trace views, histograms, heatmaps, and more. Easily spot latency in requests spanning multiple services.


Learn From Your Team

Use Team History to follow past investigative paths so others can see how mysteries were solved. Curate and share query history to help with on-call. Uplevel your entire team. Retain expertise as you learn and improve.

Observability is a Team Sport

Any Needle in Your Haystack

Our proprietary datastore is built to deliver lightning-fast results for high-cardinality fields. Billions of rows and values? Hundreds of fields? No problem! Get the results you need in seconds.

Powered by Our Datastore

Get Started Easily

Instrumenting your applications for observability is easy and vendor-neutral with OpenTelemetry. Find out more about how we support the OpenTelemetry Project.

Instrumentation with OTel

Explore Your Curiosity

Continuous improvement starts with curiosity. Honeycomb helps you explore parts of your stack you could never see before. Ask any question. Get immediate answers.

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Honeycomb in
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October 20, 2021

Honeycomb Closes $50 Million Series C Round

Honeycomb announces the close of a $50 million Series C round, led by Insight Partners, with participation from existing investors Scale Venture Partners, Headline (formerly


September 8, 2021

Honeycomb Empowers Teams With Complete Insight Into the Production Experience for Their Users With the Addition of Honeycomb Metrics

Cision PR Newswire publicizes Honeycomb's new metrics capability for quickly identifying and resolving system issues. The Metrics feature is now generally available for Honeycomb enterprise


August 31, 2021

Observability: The 5-Year Retrospective

The New Stack presents an article that reflects on the past five years of observability, written by Charity Majors. She explains how observability changed life