We help engineering teams deeply explore and understand their own production systems.

The pace of innovation for application developers has accelerated dramatically over the past few years. So has the composability of infrastructure and the complexity of product demands. But when it comes to understanding and debugging those systems, we’re still using tools designed for the LAMP stack era. We can do better—we must do better.

Honeycomb is built by a capable team of leading experts in the field, with decades of combined experience spent building some of the internet’s biggest sites, including Facebook, Google, Docker, LinkedIn, Splunk, Dropbox, Parse, and Stripe. Join us.

Executive Team


Charity Majors

Charity is a former systems engineer and manager at Facebook, Parse, and Linden Lab, and the co-author of Database Reliability Engineering. "With distributed systems, you don't care about the health of the system, you care about the health of the event or the slice."


Christine Yen

Before Honeycomb, Christine built out Parse Analytics, co-founded a YC company, and wrote software at Aardvark and other vintage startups. She’s drawn towards the problem of extracting signal from noise.

Ginsu Yoon

Ginsu Yoon

Gene has been a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, international growth exec, startup founder, and Google product manager. As COO, he keeps the business side of Honeycomb always buzzing and scaling.


Aneel Lakhani

Aneel is a former software engineer, product manager, Gartner research director, and startup marketing lead with 20 years of experience in operations and analytics.


Nikki Morton

Nikki has been leading technology sales teams or direct selling or both for the better part of 20 years. Her passion about data, culture, and positive change led her to Honeycomb in early 2018.