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Engineering Manager of Developer Relations

Jess is a symmathecist, in the medium of code. She sees development teams as learning systems made of people and running software. If we make that software teach us what’s happening, it’s a better teammate. And if this process makes us into systems thinkers, we can be better persons in the world.

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Honeycomb + Google Gemini

Today at Google Next, Charity Majors demonstrated how to use Honeycomb to find unexpected problems in our generative AI integration. Software components that integrate with...

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APM From a Developer’s Perspective

In twenty years of software development, I did not have the privilege of being on call, of tending to my software in production. I’ve never...

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Where Does Honeycomb Fit in the Software Development Lifecycle?

The software development lifecycle (SDLC) is always drawn as a circle. In many places I’ve worked, there’s no discernable connection between “5. Operate” and “1....

Conferences & Meetups  

Ship First, Model Later: A Short Recap of AI.Dev

In a keynote at AI.Dev, Robert Nishihara (CEO, Anyscale) described the shift: A year ago, the people working with ML models were ML experts. Now,...

Software Engineering  

Experiments in Daily Work

In high school chemistry and then college physics labs, we learned a strong definition of "experiment." Experiments are tied to the Scientific Method, responsible for...


Observability and the DORA metrics

The Accelerate State of Devops Report highlights four key metrics (known as the DORA metrics, for DevOps Research & Assessment) that distinguish high-performing software organizations:...


What Observability-Driven Development Is Not

At Honeycomb, we are all about observability. In the past, we have proposed observability-driven development as a way to maximize your observability and supercharge your...


Developing with OpenAI and Observability

Honeycomb recently released our Query Assistant, which uses ChatGPT behind the scenes to build queries based on your natural language question. It's pretty cool. While...

Technical Deep Dives   Observability  

Observable Frontends: the State of OpenTelemetry in the Browser

The modern standard for observability in backend systems is: distributed traces with OpenTelemetry, plus dynamic aggregations over these events. This works very well in the...

Ask Miss O11y  

Ask Miss O11y: Error: missing ‘x-honeycomb-dataset’ header

Your API Key (in the x-honeycomb-team header) tells Honeycomb where to put your data. It specifies a team and an environment. Then, Honeycomb figures out...

Software Engineering  

Caring for Complex Systems: We Can Do This

When we work at it, professionals are pretty good at analysis. We can break down a simple system, look at its parts and their relations,...

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NS1 Implements Honeycomb to Democratize Their Code and Spark Customer Joy

The line from observability to customer joy is straighter than you think. We recently learned this from NS1, a managed DNS provider and Honeycomb customer,...


Iterating on an OpenTelemetry Collector Deployment in Kubernetes

When you want to direct your observability data in a uniform fashion, you want to run an OpenTelemetry collector. If you have a Kubernetes cluster...

Instrumentation   Ask Miss O11y  

Ask Miss O11y: How Can I Convince My Organization to Invest in Instrumenting for Observability?

"Dear Miss O11y, I’ve been following Honeycomb for a long time, and I understand where the insights from observability fit in. But larger orgs haven’t...


Send a Test Span Through an OpenTelemetry Collector

The scenario: you want to see distributed traces, maybe for your web app. You’ve set up an OpenTelemetry collector to receive OTLP traces in JSON...

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