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Technical Customer Success Manager

Nick is a Technical Customer Success Manager with years of experience working with software infrastructure for developers and data scientists at companies like Solano Labs, GE Digital, and Domino Data Lab. He loves a good complex, socio-technical system. So much so that the concept was the focus of his MA research. Outside of work he enjoys exercising, reading, and philosophizing.

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Evolving by Involving 

In this post, we’re going to lay out the guiding principle that unifies the diverse world of CS as we see it—and show how we...

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Autocatalytic Adoption: Harnessing Patterns to Promote Honeycomb in Your Organization

When an organization signs up for Honeycomb at the Enterprise account level, part of their support package is an assigned Technical Customer Success Manager. As...


Sense and Signals

Part of understanding a complex, distributed software system as a socio-technical system means taking seriously that the signals the stewards receive aren’t just chatter....