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Birdie Case Study Video

Ensuring customers can provide seamless and timely care to in-home patients stands as a top priority for Birdie, and the development team takes pride in building and maintaining a high-quality platform distinguished by its reliability and responsiveness. Birdie’s platform is a complex software system that covers a lot of ground—from care management and rostering to HR and finance.

To ensure the platform runs smoothly and the team can swiftly fix issues, the company depends on a smart observability tool to understand its performance and direct debugging efforts. However, since it’s not clear upfront which dimensions are going to be valuable for debugging purposes, the team needs the ability to adeptly query and explore the data.

Originally, the company relied on Datadog for this task, but the architecture didn’t lend itself to data exploration, which was an important aspect for Birdie to enhance their observability capabilities. Recognizing this necessity, Birdie embarked on a search for an intuitive observability platform that could facilitate seamless data exploration, enabling their development team to uncover hidden issues and streamline their debugging efforts.

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