FireHydrant Implements Honeycomb for Distributed Tracing to Reduce MTTR



As applications continue to increase in their complexity, it is becoming more and more difficult to see the finer details of how your system is performing. This can lead to critical issues going unnoticed. In this technical session we dive into how FireHydrant, a leading incident management platform, improved their debugging process with the help of Honeycomb. 

FireHydrant’s Staff Engineer, Gonzalo Maldonando and Director of Engineering, Jeff Zellner are joined by Rynn Macuso of Honeycomb to explore how Honeycomb’s event-driven observability helped reduce MTTR.

They discuss:
- Finding and analyzing outliers using BubbleUp
- Utilizing observability to gain an understanding of a complex monolith and microservices system
- Identifying differences between data groups
- Using distributed tracing to find the root cause of tricky issue