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Phorest Case Study Video

With their application stack hosted on AWS, Phorest delivers a premier software solution that empowers their salon and spa business customers to thrive. Ensuring every engineer has access to an observability tool is integral to the company’s success model, enabling them to deliver great code for their designated software services. However, Phorest encountered speedbumps with their New Relic setup that hindered this observability goal.

Phorest faced escalating costs and limited developer access due to New Relic’s pricing, which hampered crucial aspects of their development process—from smooth code deployment to effective resolution. Investigating and debugging issues was also cumbersome and lacked flexibility, impeding the engineering team’s ability to efficiently navigate and trace system problems.

“Getting the insights we needed with New Relic was a growing challenge,” explained Pawel Malon, Principal Software Engineer at Phorest. “Due to the high cost of adding users, only a handful of our developers could investigate the system state—and even doing that required not only familiarity with the tool, but also a deep understanding of the system internals.”

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