01apr1:30 pm2:30 pm#PerfMatters Conference Speaker, Emily NakashimaEmily, Honeycomb's Director of Engineering, is speaking at the #PerfMatters online conference. Listen to her talk about how approaching web performance through the lens of observability has changed the way her team thinks about performance instrumentation and optimization.

06apr9:15 am9:45 amObserve2020 Keynote Speaker, Liz Fong-JonesLiz, Honeycomb's Developer and Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), is a keynote speaker at Observe2020 virtual conference. Be sure to reserve your spot to check out her talk.

08apr9:15 pm10:00 pmLiz Fong-Jones, Lead Dev Live SpeakerLiz is sharing a talk at the Lead Dev Live virtual conference. Learn how we can improve sustainability by empowering other engineers to understand our systems, rather than for the sake of our resumes and/or glory.

14apr5:00 pm6:30 pmWrite/Speak/Code Meetup Speaker, Liz Fong-JonesLiz is giving a lightning talk at the Write/Speak/Code Seattle virtual meetup. She will share useful tips & techniques for successful live streaming.

21apr2:30 pm3:00 pmFailover Conf. Speakers, Liz Fong-Jones & Danyel FisherLiz and Danyel join other experts in reliability resilience engineering at Failover Conf. virtual event. Together they will share what they learned and how they iterated on their SLO adventure.