12augAll DayLeadDev Live Demo, Pierre TessierPierre, Honeycomb Sales Engineer, is giving a live demo at the LeadDev Live virtual event. This demo will showcase Honeycomb's BubbleUp feature that visualizes outliers over baseline behavior, allowing you to investigate across services, ask novel questions, and drill down to the culprit of sub-optimal performance.

20augAll DayCharity Majors & Danyel Fisher, SKILup Day: Observability SpeakersCharity and Danyel are speaking at DevOps Institute's SKILup Day. This virtual event will focus on observability from a “what it is”, “why it's important,” and “how do we start” perspective.

21augAll DayStripe: Increment Virtual Conversation Series Panel, Liz Fong-JonesLiz, Honeycomb's Developer Advocate and Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), is a panel moderator at the Stripe: Increment Virtual Conversation Series. This panel discussion will offer thoughtful perspectives on meeting the shifting needs of today—and provide lasting insights for the future.

27aug11:55 am12:25 pmTrajectory Live Speakers, Liz Fong-Jones & Danyel FisherLiz and Danyel are teaming up at the Trajectory Live virtual event. They will talk about the architecture and operational practices used by an engineering team of less than a dozen people to run a real-time event analytics platform that persists billions of events per day.