Hone Your Observability Skills at Honeycomb Developer Week

By Evelyn Chea  |   Last modified on December 10, 2021

Is the lack of time holding you back from sharpening your observability (o11y) skills? Maybe you’ve dipped your toes into o11y, but you’re not sure how and where it will drastically improve your team’s current practices? Have you heard of OpenTelemetry, BubbleUp, or Honeycomb Service Level Objectives (SLOs)?

We’re here to help broaden your observability knowledge and skill set! Join us December 13–15 to ring in the o11yday season at the first-ever Honeycomb Developer Week, ——from beginner workshops to more advanced debugging and performance optimization workflows, including integrations with other tools you may be using today, such as ApolloGraph, Cloudflare, LaunchDarkly, and PagerDuty. 

Not sure yet if HNY{Dev}Week is right for you? Read on for more details. 

For beginners: The Observability 101 Workshop

If you’re looking to get started with observability or just want to learn more about Honeycomb, this workshop is for you. Led by Honeycomb experts, this workshop covers both the theory and practice of observability. 

Once you’ve completed this workshop, you’ll have a clear understanding about the velocity and reliability benefits of observability. You’ll also learn how observability fits in with other progressive delivery techniques, like continuous integration, feature flagging, and cloud-native microservices. 

But it’s not just all talk—because learning by doing is sometimes the best way to understand new concepts, we’ll provide plenty of hands-on exercises, from sending trace data to Honeycomb via OpenTelemetry to identifying performance issues using Honeycomb features. 

Sign up for the event and reserve your workshop spot today. 

For intermediate and advanced observability champions: Using BubbleUp, Distributed Tracing, OpenTelemetry, and more 

If you’ve already started your observability journey and are now ready to take the next steps, then  Day 2 is for you! It’s chock full of short, snackable 15-20 minute sessions to hone your observability chops. You’ll quickly learn how to: 

  • Instrument your applications with the vendor-neutral, open-source OpenTelemetry framework.
  • Find the right data you need, when you need it, without context switching between tools with integrated distributed tracing.
  • Use BubbleUp in your debugging workflows to automatically analyze billions of rows of data across thousands of high-cardinality fields to quickly spot outliers that could be the cause of hidden pesky bugs.
  • Set up actionable alerts with Honeycomb Service Level Objectives (SLOs) to reduce noise and help you focus on customer-impacting issues.
  • Integrate metrics and events in Honeycomb so you can more effectively debug both system issues and application issues.

We’ll also show you how to set up your build pipelines with observability so you can learn how to debug your CI/CD workflows with Honeycomb. 

Swoop in on some swag: Giveaways and prizes

It’s not an event without some cool swag and some fun competition! And we’ve got loads of prizes to give away for attendees. 

Love fun T-shirts? Register for the event and run at least three queries during the week, and we’ll send you a free, one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-produced-again Honeycomb Developer Week T-shirt. If you’re attending our workshop, you’ll complete those queries with the hands-on exercises. If you didn’t sign up for the workshop and want a T-shirt, then check out our quickstart docs to get started.

Are LEGOs more your speed? Each day, we’re giving away two LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor kits. To enter, share either something you learned, a quote, a screenshot, or anything else you love about the event on Twitter using the hashtag #hnydevweek and tag @honeycombio. Every day, we’ll randomly pick two lucky winners. On our final day, we’ll pick one lucky winner out of all the tweets to receive a
a Lululemon Mirror, plus a Mirror Essentials package!*

‘Tis the season to set yourself up for an amazing new year. Sharpen your observability chops. Learn new skills. Connect with a global community of peers. Win great prizes. It’s a win-win-win-win situation. Registration is open—hope to see you there!

*Honeycomb Developer Week: Contest Terms and Conditions


When you register for Honeycomb Developer Week and run 3 queries in Honeycomb between Dec 13th - 15th, you will receive a link to order a free event T-shirt.

Social sharing contest:

When you register for the event and share what you learn, a quote, a screenshot, or anything else you love about the event on Twitter using the hashtag #hnydevweek and tag @honeycombio, you will:

  • be entered in a daily drawing, where we will pick 2 Lego Mindstorm kits each day, Dec 13, Dec 14, Dec 15
  • be entered in a grand prize drawing of the Lululemon MIRROR essentials package**, plus a gift card to cover 1 year of the Mirror Membership subscription that provides access to workouts.

**Lululemon restricts shipment of the MIRROR to North America. If you are the winner and you reside outside of North America, we will provide the equivalent cash value of the mirror plus one year of membership.


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