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Honeycomb Adds Splunk Veteran and CloudBees Chief Product Officer Christina Noren to Board of Directors

By Rachel Chalmers  |   Last modified on July 21, 2022

Product executive from Splunk, Zuora, Interana, and CloudBees joins Honeycomb board as the company enters its growth phase

SAN FRANCISCOAug. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Honeycomb, the leading observability provider for software engineering teams, announces the addition of seasoned enterprise software executive Christina Noren to board of directors. Noren brings deep product, domain, and go to market expertise to the Honeycomb board as the company enters a new phase of growth.

With the addition of tracing to the core observability product and the release of a public sandbox, Honeycomb has experienced a significant acceleration in its business. Noren brings twenty-five years of experience scaling product and business at bellwethers like Splunk and Zuora, as well as behavioral analytics provider Interana and DevOps leader CloudBees. The addition of Noren's experience and expertise will add fuel to Honeycomb's growing success.

"I'm very excited to add Christina to our board. As we transition from achieving product market fit to scaling both our product and our business, her experience will be invaluable in driving us forward. We will make observability a reality for every engineer." — Charity Majors, Honeycomb CEO and co-founder.

Currently at CloudBees, Noren serves as Chief Product Officer, leading product and engineering for the next generation of DevOps. Prior to CloudBees, Noren served as Chief Product Officer at Interana, SVP of Product at Zuora, and SVP Solutions and founding VP Product at Splunk from its 2005 launch through its 2012 IPO. Earlier in her career she was the first VP Product at pioneering log management vendor Sensage, led a monitoring tools team at Microsoft and was an early employee through IPOs in field engineering and business roles at Portal Software and Sonic Solutions.

"I am extremely excited to join Honeycomb's board because it is at the frontier of the observability movement, which I see as the critical evolution of monitoring and debugging in the context of operations shifting left and the acceleration of continuous delivery" said Noren. "Additionally, Honeycomb has one of the most dynamic and visionary founding teams in the DevOps space today and it's an honor to help them on their journey to become a go-to solution for every software development team in every industry at every size."

About Honeycomb is the leader in Observability Driven Development. We enable engineering teams to understand and quickly debug their systems in production, by providing the high-cardinality, event-oriented, and trace-aware tooling that today's distributed software requires. Honeycomb is making the modern observability approaches used by the world's largest platforms available for the first time to the broader market.

Built on the experience of building and running systems serving tens of millions of users, Honeycomb is relied on by companies like Fender Musical InstrumentsTapjoy, and Intercom to ship their platforms.

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