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Guide: Achieving Observability

This guide discusses the history, concept, goals, and approaches to achieving observability in today’s software industry, with an eye to the future benefits and potential evolution of the software development practice as a whole.

o11ycon 2018 - Discussion Findings

At the first-ever observability conference, attendees broke out into various groups to have open space-style discussions (OSSD) on various sub-themes in observability. This document summarizes those lightning talks presenting our OSSD Sessions - carving out what our industry means when we talk about observability. Datasheet

Honeycomb is the most powerful product on the market for visualizing, understanding, and debugging distributed software.

Featured Observability Case Studies

Play with Live Demo Scenarios



In May 2018, Honeycomb experienced a product outage which we documented in our post-mortem on our blog. We uploaded the (anonymized) production data from that outage into a sandbox environment of Honeycomb.

In this scenario we'll walk you through using observability to diagnose this specific outage. In 16 steps (~15 minutes) you'll go from "being paged" to breaking down the issue by high-cardinality events as you debug the outage.



Honeycomb Tracing shows the time and resources taken to service any request, making it easy to diagnose bottlenecks, optimize performance, and understand how your system processes requests.

In this scenario we'll walk you through using observability (via tracing) to diagnose reported API slowness from a handful of users. In 13 steps (~15 minutes) you'll go from alert to the individual request that triggered the issue.


Beelines (Integrations)

Honeycomb Beelines are the most direct path to instrumenting your code. Beelines understand a wide range of standard packages in various ecosystems, and instrument them to send useful events to Honeycomb.

O11ycast - The Observability Podcast

In episode #1 of O11ycast, Merian Ventures' Rachel Chalmers and's Charity Majors dive into a few ways observability can drive fundamental changes in the way we approach software development.

In episode #2 of O11ycast, Rachel and Charity are joined by Christina Noren, Chief Product Officer for CloudBees, to look at the ways both the development life cycle and the role of the developer have evolved.

In episode #3 of O11ycast, Rachel and Charity are joined by Paul Biggar, co-founder and CTO of Dark as well as founder of CircleCI, to discuss how microservices and automation have shaped the developer landscape.

In episode #4 of O11ycast, Rachel and Charity ask Adam Jacob, co-founder and CTO of Chef, how the culture of DevOps has shifted for system administrators and the companies they help build.

Featured Videos

Observability: Not Just an Ops Thing  - Charity Majors (51m)

Honeycomb Tracing - Product Demo (25m)

Sampling Overview - Ben Hartshorne (30m) Overview - Christine Yen (19m)

Why We Built Our Own Distributed Column Store - Sam Stokes (42m)

Observability is for User Happiness - Emily Nakashima (33m)