Instrumentation: A Series

Instrumentation: A Series


Good morning! Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be hosting a series of posts here on instrumentation.

It started, as most trouble does, on Twitter.

In the ginormous thread that followed, we heard a little bit of everything: joy and angst, love professed for debuggers and helpful links for tooling. Famous programmers admitted out loud that they still didn’t know how to instrument code. And more than a few people begged: please write about this!

But I want to learn more about instrumentation too! So I grabbed my friend Julia Evans, who is the best at asking questions, and we decided to ask a bunch of questions together.

For the next two or three weeks we will be publishing roughly one piece per day on instrumentation. We have awesome people writing on everything from databases to networking, distributed systems to Linux internals. I’m SO excited.

Our first piece will be by Antoine Grondin, and it will start with the basics: is your service broken or not? He explains a super useful set of basic metrics you can use to find out!

See you tomorrow! ~ Charity and Julia