Learn About the Future of Shipping Software at o11ycon+hnycon

By Evelyn Chea  |   Last modified on May 17, 2021

Have you registered for o11ycon+hnycon yet? If not, now’s the time!

This highly interactive virtual event is happening June 9–10 and designed to connect you with your peers to explore cutting-edge observability practices. We’ve got an impressive speaker lineup, including Jeli Founder and CEO Nora Jones, The Duckbill Group’s Chief Cloud Economist Corey Quinn, Github’s Vice President of Research & Strategy Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Redmonk’s Co-founder and Analyst James Governor, VMware Principal Engineer Bryan Liles, as well as Honeycomb’s own Christine Yen, Charity Majors, and Liz Fong-Jones.

By attending this event, you’ll hear about:

  • Lessons learned that can help you progress your own observability goals
  • Challenges and solutions in shaping observability practices and culture
  • Intersections of observability with incident response, chaos engineering, and other leading engineering practices
  • The latest in OpenTelemetry development and support
  • How to use OpenTelemetry to speed up delivering on your observability goals
  • How observability has been used to help decompose monoliths into microservices
  • Practical lessons in using observability to reshape development and site reliability engineering practices
  • Applying observability practices in enterprise settings
  • Business cases for observability
  • The challenges yet to be solved and how to build toward that future
  • Practical tips from Honeycomb customers on how to address common challenges
  • The latest in Honeycomb product news

o11ycon+hnycon features a mix of fireside chats, panels, live Q&A, open-spaces, and talks from a variety of observability engineers and Honeycomb customers. 

Create your own agenda

At both o11ycon and hnycon, you’ll have many different sessions from three tracks to choose from, and you can mix and match them to create a personalized experience! At o11ycon, you can choose from:

  • A Culture & Adoption track, featuring presentations and chats with engineers about addressing common challenges, hosted by Corey Quinn
  • A High-Performance Engineering Track, featuring engineering-focused presentations on cutting-edge practices and deep dives into a variety of observability approaches, hosted by Charity Majors.
  • A Panel Track, featuring a wide variety of familiar names covering everything from the business value of observability, to the developments in the cloud-native and OpenTelemetry ecosystems.
  • Interactive open spaces, connecting you with other attendees focused on the addressing the same problems you’re facing

At hnycon, you can choose from:

  • Two parallel customer tracks to learn practical tips when using Honeycomb. This track features a variety of speakers like Vanguard’s Site Reliability Engineering Leader Rich Anakor, who will share his company’s journey into distributed tracing with OpenTelemetry; Redhat’s Principal Software Engineer John Casey who will talk about lessons learned in refactoring monolithic apps; and HelloFresh’s Global Vice President of Engineering Renato Todorov who will share what they learned during their push to get enterprise-wide observability adoption.
  • A Honeycomb product track for a deep dive into product features and to learn best practices directly from Honeycomb engineers
  • A set of workshops to get hands-on with observability and Honeycomb

These are just some highlights of the sessions that are happening at o11ycon+hnycon, and we’re adding more daily! Make sure to register and keep up with the latest updates by visiting


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