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Welcome to Honeycomb

By Charity Majors  |   Last modified on July 2, 2020

Hello friends!

It’s been about seven months since our first day of work, when we first said “hi” and asked for your feedback. We now have a new name, a real office, and the actual glimmerings of a real product. Holy crap!

We’ve been partnering with some early users and building off their experiences for a while, and it’s time for the next step.

Next Monday, August 15th, we will start accepting signups. (Not open signups, we’re not nuts.) If you’re interested, please skim the docs and blog posts and think about whether we’re a good fit for your problems – Honeycomb is not the right tool for everyone, especially at this early stage! If you think we’re a fit, please make sure you’re on our list and watch for the signup link later this week. We’ll start issuing signup tokens on Monday and every few days afterwards.

The early stage Honeycomb is free, of course, and comes with LOTS of hands-on help. We are limiting signups mainly so we can spend quality time pairing with you, building integrations, making sure everything works and makes sense. We are entirely focused on doing whatever it takes to encourage usage and get good feedback. Your time is valuable to us, and we will happily credit you months of free service later, based on your help.

This blog is about to get busy. :) We have lots of posts queued up to describe what Honeycomb is, the future of observability and where we fit in, how to structure your events to get the most out of them, and more. We are also open sourcing our integrations, publishing a contributor spec, and bringing tons of documentation online. So much!!

Enough prelude, on to the good stuff. Starting with What is Honeycomb?, and more.

We’re so excited!
Charity, Christine, Ben and Chris.

P.S. Thank you so, SO much to everyone who signed up, filled out surveys, streamed us data, or came by the office for lunch and UX testing. We could never have gotten this far without you.


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