What Makes Honeycomb Better for APM?

Many offerings tout observability. How is Honeycomb different?

Many offerings tout observability. How is Honeycomb different? We have defined what Observability is and have built a tool to help modern Dev, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering teams operate more efficiently. Because it’s all about delivering high quality code, maintaining reliability and getting precious time back.

We made a critical decision to provide a seamless, current view of your system (from logs to events and traces) in a single data store, regardless of how complex your architecture is. This means you no longer have to toil with multiple tools or stitched-together solutions – burning time as you address issues affecting users.

We also believe strongly that optimizing systems and debugging should not be difficult and draining, freeing up more time to ship new  code. Our approach emphasizes efficiency and knowledge sharing, thereby elevating everyone’s game and ultimately business outcomes. 

Key Features of Honeycomb for APM


Gives you a quick start that automatically sends raw event data to Honeycomb and ingests structured log data. High cardinality enables precision when you need it.


Intuitive UI/UX

Makes it easy to proactively observe user impact as code is released. Dive in to investigate any production incident using interactive real-time charts.


Rich, Blazing Fast Query

Gives you incredible flexibility and customization to help rapidly find and understand problems by letting you ask any question.


Distributed Tracing Navigation

Efficiently navigate the full breadth of tracing data without missing crucial details that can help resolve issues.



Delivers instant, automatic detection of often-hidden outliers that are behaving differently from your baseline.


Team Collaboration

Preserve and share how others have resolved problems previously, saving time and elevating everyone.


Observability: Fast Answers to Questions About Production Right Now

Honeycomb APM ingests production data, helps visualize problems and supports DevOps and Engineering

"Our producers were delighted to see issues solved so quickly. Developers can get quite irritated when facing a critical issue that takes more than a few minutes to resolve. Honeycomb saves us from that."

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