Achieve Observable Systems

Debug Faster & Smarter

The only way to understand what’s happening in production is being able to ask any question. With blazing fast query, interactive visuals, you know which part of the code is the problem. Once resolved, developers and operators continuously learn. Ship code with confidence because when something goes wrong, it can be immediately addressed.

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A Comprehensive Solution with Rich Integrated Capabilities

Built for Modern Dev Teams

Diagnose Incidents

Analyze whats happening right now in real-time with interactive visuals and distributed traces that pinpoint problems down to the raw event.

Investigate Performance

Always optimize for the end-user experience and improve system performance with ongoing analysis by any data dimension.

Ongoing Development

With each code ship, proactively see how production behaves and diagnose issues quickly. Spend more time innovating and less time fixing.

“With Honeycomb, we were able to get a breakdown of message matching duration by customer and saw that one customer was a huge outlier there, accounting for 55% of a server time spent doing that operation-and over 10% of overall server CPU usage for the fleet!”

Rapidly Source Problems & Spend Less Time On-Call

Blazing Fast Query

Explore real-time query results, interact with visual charts and pin-point where in your code the problems occur.

Tracing Built-in

Switch to tracing views and spot the latencies and errors across all service requests including 3rd party.

Spot Outliers

BubbleUp heat-maps immediately show any outliers so you can hone-in on specific problems fast.

Shared Brain

Everyone has visibility to team queries and detailed history. Learn how an incident was resolved. Everyone learns and up-levels.

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