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Honeycomb’s New APM Capabilities Give Engineering & DevOps Superior Production Insights and Faster Incident Resolution

By Deirdre Mahon  |   Last modified on July 29, 2019

Honeycomb releases new APM product features May 2019

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Modern Dev and SRE teams gain efficiencies for proactive and collaborative debugging as software updates deploy

SAN FRANCISCO, May 29, 2019 - Honeycomb today announces powerful new features in its SaaS-based Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool that delivers high-resolution (“hi-res”) production monitoring and rapid debugging for business-critical applications. With these new features, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams can proactively analyze event-based production data more easily and investigate and resolve issues in a fraction of the time it takes traditional monitoring and APM tools.

Seeing production in hi-res with Honeycomb means two things: Users gain a clearer view into how production is behaving, and they are more efficient when investigating problems, by being able to ask any question to accelerate debugging and incident resolution within and across teams.

“Engineering and DevOps teams need a clear picture of what's actually going on in modern production environments and a tool to help better understand why an issue may be occurring,” says Charity Majors, co-founder and CTO of Honeycomb. “These new features make it easier for teams to observe in real time how users interact with their code as it hits production and the context of why something is happening. This gives teams a faster path to achieving observability, embracing a culture of software ownership, and ultimately customer happiness.”

New product enhancements include:

  • Intuitive New Home Page features a redesigned layout that orients users with immediate access to real-time interactive charts to observe production, keeping an active eye as new code is deployed.
  • BubbleUp offers instant, automatic detection of outliers, saving significant time trying to manually investigate the conditions causing the issue. Users can select suspect areas of heatmaps and see what's behaving differently from the baseline.
  • Distributed Tracing Accessed With a Click directly from line graphs, histograms, or heatmaps to easily navigate across services, examine crucial details and discover latency, errors or duplicates. Users can conduct full-text search over trace spans, collapse and expand for easy viewing, and spawn new queries from a waterfall view.
  • Team Collaboration and Elevation is essential, and Honeycomb makes knowledge transfer easy and organic. Users can share and search query history, replay debugging steps, curate dashboards for new team members, inform on-call, and elevate everyone to the level of the best debugger.

Customer John Kodumal, CTO and co-founder of LaunchDarkly said of Honeycomb's value: “As we grew, our previous monitoring solution took more and more effort to keep running. With Honeycomb, we can quickly identify performance or behavioral outliers and isolate the account or traffic pattern responsible. This lets us stop guessing at root causes and start remediating issues before there's any customer impact.”

Honeycomb offers a free 14-day trial to experience the benefits of seeing prod in hi-res. Not ready to dive in yet? “Play with Honeycomb” to learn more.

About Honeycomb:

Honeycomb defined Observability, and its next-gen Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool is designed for modern Engineering and DevOps teams to observe, debug, and improve their production systems more efficiently so that business-critical apps perform with minimal disruption to users. Honeycomb’s growing customer base includes Intercom, Optimizely, Shipt, Meetup, and Fender among others that rely on the product for fast incident response, performance optimization and a streamlined dev-to-production cycle. Learn more at and twitter


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