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Ask Miss O11y: How Can I Add o11y to Databases?

How do we bring observability to the DB world? In the SQL Server world, you can marry up perfmon and extended event traces but is...

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Stop Your Database From Hating You With This One Weird Trick

Let's not bury the lede here: we use Observability-Driven Development at Honeycomb to identify and prevent DB load issues. Like every online service, we experience...

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Instrumentation: Instrumenting HTTP Services

Welcome to the second week of our blog post series on instrumentation, curated by Julia and Charity. This week will focus more on operational and...

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The MySQL Slow Query Log, AWS Golang SDK, RDS and You

Did you know you can do fun things with the MySQL slow query log, using the nothing but the AWS golang SDK for RDS? It’s...

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MySQL and Honeycomb: My First 10 Minutes

As part of the process of building our RDS connector for Honeycomb, we ran it on our own database logs. A few neat things came...

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How Honeycomb Uses Honeycomb, Part 1: The Long Tail

This post is the first in our series of “dogfooding” posts. At Honeycomb, we dogfood everything: we try to solve all our own problems using...