Collaborative Engineering & Production Monitoring Tools

Collaborative Engineering for Faster Problem Solving

Collaboration done right makes for efficient debugging. When your entire team uses Honeycomb, all the knowledge an individual team member gains when exploring system issues is captured and accessible to everyone on the team.

Debugging steps can be played back by anyone. If an inexperienced team member is on call, they can immediately learn and come up to speed by viewing how prior issues were investigated and solved.

You can also use Honeycomb to monitor production as a team too, with custom Triggers that send team alerts via popular tools like PagerDuty, Webhooks, and Slack when data crosses any threshold (i.e. events, lags) that you define.

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Elevate Your Engineering Team

Honeycomb doesn’t just allow you to leverage the troubleshooting and programming experience of your most skilled teammates, the UI actively encourages this behavior.

Pin important or illuminating queries to Boards for your team to benefit from later. Create a Board to document an incident for post-mortem review.

Honeycomb is built for modern engineering teams to collect and share knowledge, mine query histories, and peek over the shoulders of experts.

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"There have been outages where, without Honeycomb, it would have taken us significantly longer to get to the answer."

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Context Is King

Don’t lose precious context. With Honeycomb, you share query structures that you’ve developed for reuse, share visual graphs for ongoing systems review and share your brain with your colleagues…and your future self.

No need to annoy or page a developer when on call. Search and filter the full Query History of your entire team to find out what they did last time and figure it out for yourself!

More Collaboration Features for Efficient Debugging

Permalinks Stored Forever

Run an interesting query? Share a "permalink" to it, and anyone on your team can view it, forever -- and they unfurl nicely in Slack, too.

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Share To Where The Discussion Is

Honeycomb's authenticated 'Slack Unfurls' App means you can share a link to a channel and Slack will append the structure of the query alongside a PNG of the graph. And you don't need to leave Honeycomb to do it.

Slack and Honeycomb

Go Back In Time

Search team Query History and review your own approach to past debugging. History and Activity tabs on the sidebar show thumbnail graphs to remind you of a useful prior query or to see what your team has been up to.

Learn from the Past