How To Share Your Brain: Collaborate With Boards


As we are fond of saying here at Honeycomb, context is king, and one of our favorite ways to share the context in our brains is with Boards. We recommend using Boards to share query structures you’ve developed for reuse, share visual graphs for ongoing review of systems, share your brain with your colleagues…and your future self.

To make the context sharing even easier, we’ve given Boards a fresh coat of paint! As always, Boards are a great place for you and your team to start your day and see what’s new in your system’s ecosystem, and it’s now even easier to make changes to the queries you’ve saved.

Save reusable query structures with List Boards

Have you been stashing your favourite queries in a Word doc? Or saving them to your browser’s bookmarks? We’ve got you covered. You can now choose to save and share your Boards contents as a list of queries. Think of List Boards as places to save queries that you’ve created as useful starting points. In particular, List Boards are a great way to share useful queries with other team members who are getting up to speed with Honeycomb.

What else has changed?

Boards are now a place for saving queries, not their results. We’re hoping that you’ll find that a less confusing way to use Boards.

Editing Boards is so much easier! You can edit Board details directly on the board (Title, description, query caption, style, query order), and clicking a query will allow you to update that query on the Board. (A lot of you have been asking for this. Now it’s here!)

Has past you spent ages debugging a problem and then realized later that it would be so useful to share those queries with your peers, or save them for later noodling? You can now add queries to your Boards from the History of your queries in the sidebar! Hover over the query to find the star. Want to make a new Board from there? You can, so you don’t lose your delicious, precious context.

Learn more

Find how to create new Boards, pin queries and graphs to Boards, and more in the Boards documentation.

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