Budget Planning for Next-generation APM and Observability


If you’re trying to evaluate and understand the ROI of building an observability practice and carve out a budget for it, you’re not alone. You’ve probably got some monitoring and metrics capability already, but that’s proving to not be enough–how can you empower your teams as your environment becomes too complex for the basics? And how much will that cost?

Designing your telemetry systems to include observability from the point at which a feature is released allows teams to immediately learn how it behaves in production and adjust before a critical outage occurs.

This new paper describes the capabilities your organization needs to move beyond locating gnarly bugs or fixing a problematic incident or outage.

As part of the evaluation process, we discuss performance analysis, incident response, the increasing need for visibility into 3rd-party services, addressing technical debt effectively, and leveling up understanding of how your customers experience your service.

Understand the real-world cost breakdown of build vs buy when it comes to your observability stack, and make the right decision for your organization’s goals.

Ready to make your plan? Download the guide.