Feel Confident and Bold in this New Summer Look

Feel Confident and Bold in this New Summer Look


Welcome to a fresh new Honeycomb navigation 🙂

At the hive, we’ve been working on making navigating your Honeycomb environment simpler and more intuitive, and just deployed some changes that we hope you’ll agree have made progress toward that goal.

And now, after weeks of deeply pondering UX questions, I get to do my favourite part of engineering, which is to ease you through the stages of accepting your new life in this parallel universe where Honeycomb has looked this way all along change, via the magical medium of doodles.

Here’s what’s changed (click to open a larger version of the images) :

why don

But wait, there’s more!

Let it soak in, then hit us up if there’s something you miss or find confusing. Letting us know your happy thoughts is also welcome (: Happy systems interrogating!

Not a Honeycomb user yet, but intrigued? Check out our live data demo–no signup required!