Knowing is Half the Battle


Hooray! You and your team are slinging data and querying for jewels of insight like a young swarm of Apis mellifera dancing among a freshly bloomed garden of roses, but do you know how large your garden is to search through? Are you curious to ask “how far back into this garden of wonder can you explore?”, “How is the garden changing over time?” or, “why is this guy so big on this whole garden metaphor?”

Repressed botany fetish aside, the datasets that you’re exploring and becoming closer with each day have limits, and as much as you probably would like to speak with a salesperson to gain a full understanding of said limits ;), Honeycomb provides you with the “Usage Center” as a healthy alternative.

Log into Honeycomb and take a gander: navigate to the upper-right and select “Usage” from the drop down menu.

Fabulous! Now you have a full picture of your usage and associated limits.
On the left, you’ll see the total events per second (eps) being sent into Honeycomb across all datasets and the total limit associated to your events per second (eps).
Meanwhile, the right shows your used storage against your total allowed storage.

“That’s great Peter, and thanks for refraining from using metaphors here, but what does my retention look like?!”

Never fear, friend. Expand the elegantly simple “+Show details per dataset” tab and behold! You now see how your eps & storage are distributed across your datasets as well as each dataset’s current retention.

You’ve successfully become the master of your rose garden! … Kind of.

Wouldn’t it be swell if you could manipulate some levers to alter the distribution of the existing eps and storage across your datasets? Hang in there, because we’re hard at work to bring you more control over your usage and aim to provide some key additions around managing distribution, permissions, and additional capacity.

Thanks for accompanying me on this journey through the wonder of your Honeycomb usage center; hope to see you in the garden again soon!

Have feedback or ideas of how we could better improve the usage center for you? Drop us a comment on Twitter @honeycombio or via