Orient Yourself Instantly with a New Homepage Experience


Honeycomb has always been about flexibility, power, and speed — and about working with your data in a way that other vendors say is impossible. But now Honeycomb is also about being easier than ever to orient yourself and begin getting value out of your data right away.

We’re excited to unveil a new version of our home page, which we’re redesigning to help teams get started faster. We’re rolling it out first to folks who’ve used our Beelines to automatically instrument their applications, but will be expanding it to all teams soon. And don’t forget: using a Beeline is as easy as dropping in a block of code and redeploying. If you haven’t tried it out, you really should.

“The Beelines include insightful and valuable events and traces by default; they’re built by people who know what is useful. The magic that is there makes sense.” – Alex Newman, Co-founder, hCaptcha

Instant visibility into your services

For Beelines users, the second your data hits our servers, we populate your homepage with some hand-curated graphs to describe how your services are doing at a high level:

With the new homepage experience, you and your teammates now have a consistent, effortless entry point for asking questions about your system. And this is just the start! We’ve got piles of ideas for customization and improvement, but we want to hear feedback from you! (Meanwhile, did you know that you can set the default a queries for a specific dataset?)

And unlike traditional dashboards, these homepage graphs are never the end of the story. As with any Honeycomb query, you can use these as jumping-off points and adjust the query until you’ve filtered out all of the noise and/or broken down by anything you want to compare.

Tell us what you’d like to see

This is just the tip of the iceberg for making Honeycomb friendlier, more accessible, and with a shorter time-to-useful-answers.  Email, click the button at the bottom right of this page to chat with us, or tell us on our User Community Slack what you’d like to see as the default questions for your dataset!