See What It’s Like to Have It All (In One Place)

See What It’s Like to Have It All (In One Place)


Here at the Hive, we know that there’s nothing like getting your hands on something to see what using it to solve a problem is really like. In July, we launched the Gatekeeper tour, which walks you through the process of solving a real outage we experienced, using Honeycomb. That’s why we’re excited to launch a new place for you to play: the Tracing Tour at

Tracing is an absurdly cool feature, and a key part of the observability — o11y — story. (You can read more about our tracing features at this blog post!). Putting tracing under the same roof with all the other Honeycomb goodness — building Boards, running queries, and looking at raw events — means that you can really explore the data.

Bringing these pieces together changes everything.

A few weeks ago, at o11ycon, I was chatting with someone who was talking about how annoying their tracing infrastructure was — when they looked at a trace, they couldn’t just go and see whether that event had happened before. I blinked in confusion: couldn’t they simply create a new filter that looks for the event? In their environment, the tracing interface and the logging tool were completely different, and used different data.

We think it’s really important to be able to move smoothly from tracing to queries. That sort of context switch can derail your train of thought—and slow or even destroy your investigation.

Don’t take my word for it.: hop into our Tracing Tour. You’ve got a service, and it’s running slowly. Can you pick apart what’s going wrong? We’ll walk you through the steps — but feel free to see what else you can learn.

tracing tour UI

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