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O11yCon 2018: Notes and Observations

“Observability is a relatively new concept in the ops space, so when I saw the opportunity to check out o11ycon and learn from some leaders on this nascent subject, I jumped.”

O11ycon Discusses Benefits and Challenges of Observability

“Software is opaque by default, it must generate data in order to clue humans in on what is going on. Observable systems allow humans to answer the question “is it working properly?”, and diagnose the scope and impact and identify what is going wrong if the answer is no. Observable systems not only have the […]

o11ycon: A Conference For The Observability Community

Hey friends, We recently announced o11ycon, and the response has been terrific! Especially since we haven’t really even told you all what we’re planning. 🙂 First things first: o11y means observability. (Yes, abbreviations are annoying, but YOU try typing ‘observability’ twenty times a day with character limits. And o11y just sounds so cute!) o11ycon will […]