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Honeycomb’s 2020 Blog Roundup

We’re here at last: the final days of 2020. Let’s take a look back at this year’s most popular Honeycomb blog posts. Observability 101 In...

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Introducing the o11yday Bootcamp

Getting started with observability (o11y) is now easier than ever with the new step-by-step o11yday Bootcamp guide. Now’s a great time to try out Honeycomb,...

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Introducing our new VP Marketing, Jo Ann Sanders

On behalf of Honeycomb, I’m delighted to announce that Jo Ann Sanders has joined us as our new VP of Marketing. Jo Ann is poised...


2019: The Year Bee-hind Us

Once again we are at the end of another year, facing into the endless potential of the next one, and thinking back on the fun...


Why I'm Grateful For Our Observability Community

It’s that season, when we take time to consider what we're grateful for and extend thanks to those we value and the experiences we treasure....

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Becoming A Manager of Engineering Managers: What You Need To Know

In October Charity Majors joined Ian Nowland [VP | Eng | Datadog] and Rich Archibold [Sr Dir | Eng | Intercom] in a live panel...

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Observations on the Enterprise of Hiring

Almost everybody hates interviewing. You aren’t wrong to hate it: interviewing is fucking broken, in ways that tear you down and rob you of your...

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