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Intro to Observability-Driven Development

Christine and Aneel explain how observability needs to start in dev. “Everything is getting more complicated these days.” Don’t miss the sequel, Instrumenting Observability: Getting Started and Pro Tips.

Fastly’s Lisa Phillips interviews Honeycomb CEO Charity Majors

Charity Majors spoke with Lisa Phillips, Fastly’s VP of Data Governance, to discuss embracing messiness, enabling customers to fix their own problems, and the power of structured data. Fireside Chat with Honeycomb’s CEO, Charity Majors from Fastly on Vimeo.

Fueling system discovery with observability

“Observability helps you because if you’ve got the detail at the right level, you’re equipped to explore. It’s less answering questions, in fact, and more a matter of exploring the systems.”

Honeycomb’s Charity Majors: Go Ahead, Test in Production

“Distributed systems are incredibly hostile to being cloned or imitated, or monitored or staged. Trying to mirror your staging environment to production is a fool’s errand. Just give up.” Nice summary from The New Stack’s Joab Jackson of Charity’s Chaos Conf talk.

Reducing uncertainty | Alex Boten – Medium

Alex Boten is passionate about the environment, making the world a better place… and observability. Read his recent article. 

Solving for Scalability

“You can’t hold the entire system in your head or reason about it; you will live or die by the thoroughness of your instrumentation and observability tooling.” Inspired by Charity, SolarWinds head geek Leon Adato looks to the future.