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The Problem with Pre-aggregated Metrics: Part 1, the "Pre"

This is the first of three posts focusing on the limitations of pre-aggregated metrics, each corresponding to one of the “pre”, “aggregated”, and “metrics” parts...


Honeycomb FAQ in 140 Chars: Getting Started

Welcome! This will be a semi-regular series, where we answer frequently asked questions in short, digestible bites. Or if you prefer long philosophical essays about...


Honeycomb and the Five Whys: Summary Post

Anchor post at the top of this week’s long series of “vision” posts, so everything doesn’t just appear backwards. :) This week we set forth...


Part 5/5: Building Badass Engineers and Badass Teams

No matter how much we love technology, it is always a means to an end. The mission comes first – we don’t do tech for...

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Part 4/5: Everyone is a DBA

DBAs may be the last remaining priesthood in our industry. But software engineers and operations engineers are increasingly finding themselves responsible for precious company data,...

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Part 2/5: Dear Software Engineers

Observability is not a thing for operations or some other team to care about. Software engineers, you are increasingly the primary owners of your own...


Part 1/5: Asking Better Questions

Any mature production system is likely to have hundreds of thousands if not millions of metrics, most of which never get looked at by a...

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Why Honeycomb? Black Swans, Unknown-Unknowns, and the Glorious Future of Doom

Hello friends! We need to talk – about Honeycomb, you, and the future. We’ve built this thing to help ourselves and one another deal with...

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