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Notes from Observability Roundtables: Capabilities Deep-dive

Greetings, fellow o11ynaut! You may recall a post we shared here about two months ago that told tales of the themes we felt best represented...


Notes from Observability Roundtables

The Velocity conference happened recently, and as part of it we (Honeycomb) hosted a sort of reverse-panel discussion, where you talked, and we listened. You...

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Building Your Observability Practice with Tools that Co-exist

A lot of product marketing is about telling people to throw away what they have in favor of something entirely new. Sometimes that is the...

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Velocity (& Reliability) - Two must-haves for every software engineering team

(Field notes from O’Reilly’s Velocity 2019 Show, San Jose.) It was steamy hot in San Jose during O’Reilly’s Velocity show and the normally frigid AC...

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Reflections on Monitorama 2019

This year was my third in a row attending (and now speaking at!) Monitorama. Because the organizers do a great job of turning introverts into...

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Toward a Maturity Model for Observability

Access to observability is becoming critical to organizations shipping software, running modern infrastructures in production, and to understanding how users are experiencing their service. To...

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Tracing and Observability for Background Jobs

Illuminating the under-loved with Honeycomb Most modern web apps end up sprouting some subset of tasks that happen in the “background”, i.e., when a user...

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Metric Analysis, Application Performance Monitoring, and Log Management: Where Does Honeycomb Fit In?

If you’re involved in improving the performance of your application, you’ve probably heard about application performance monitoring (APM), metric analysis, and log management. But you...

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How Much Should My Observability Stack Cost?

What should one pay for observability? What should your observability stack cost? What should be in your observability stack? How much observability is enough? How...

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Diving into Data with Honeycomb: BubbleUp (formerly codename: Drilldown) is in Beta!

This blog miniseries talks about how to think about doing data analysis the Honeycomb way. In this episode, we announce an exciting new feature, currently...

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The Core Analysis Loop, or: Heatmaps Make Analysis Better

In this blog miniseries, I'm talking about how to think about doing data analysis, the Honeycomb way. In Part I, I talked about how heatmaps...

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Heatmaps Make Ops Better

In this blog miniseries, I'd like to talk about how to think about doing data analysis "the Honeycomb way."  Welcome to part 1, where I...

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Explore RubyGems data with Honeycomb

Our new public dataset is now available — use it to analyze global download traffic of all gems hosted on RubyGems! About

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Postmortem: RDS Clogs & Cache-Refresh Crash Loops

On Thursday, October 4, we experienced a partial API outage from 21:02-21:56 UTC (14:02-14:56 PDT). Despite some remediation work, we saw a similar (though less...

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Honeycomb vs Elastic Stack: It's About Priorities

If you've been paying attention, you know that although collecting and reviewing metrics and logs is a core part of running a stable and successful...

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