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Welcome (to) Home

Our latest product update features an intuitive home (landing) page that orients users with a quick, real-time view into what's happening right now in your...

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Honeycomb’s New APM Capabilities Give Engineering & DevOps Superior Production Insights and Faster Incident Resolution

PRESS RELEASE: Read on PRNewswire Modern Dev and SRE teams gain efficiencies for proactive and collaborative debugging as software updates deploy SAN FRANCISCO, May 29,...

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Instrument Your Java App In Minutes with the Honeycomb Beeline for Java

We are excited to announce automatic instrumentation for your Java apps through our new Honeycomb Beeline for Java! This new Beeline streamlines instrumentation of HTTP...

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BubbleUp Meets Tracing (and Other Odd-shaped Data)

A few weeks ago, BubbleUp came out of Beta. We've been getting fantastic user feedback on how BubbleUp helps users speed through the Core Analysis...

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Diving into Data with Honeycomb: BubbleUp (formerly codename: Drilldown) is in Beta!

This blog miniseries talks about how to think about doing data analysis the Honeycomb way. In this episode, we announce an exciting new feature, currently...

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The Core Analysis Loop, or: Heatmaps Make Analysis Better

In this blog miniseries, I'm talking about how to think about doing data analysis, the Honeycomb way. In Part I, I talked about how heatmaps...

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Our Experience: Thundra Integration for Honeycomb

This is a guest post from Salih Kardan, Software Engineer @Thundra and Committer at Apache, formerly SRE @Opsgenie. He specializes in managing AWS services and...

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Explore RubyGems data with Honeycomb

Our new public dataset is now available — use it to analyze global download traffic of all gems hosted on RubyGems! About

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Speeding Things Up So Your Queries Can Bee Faster

Honeycomb strives to be a fast, efficient tool; our storage back-end satisfies the median customer query in 250ms (and the P90 in 1.3 seconds). Still,...

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Collaboration with OpenCensus: A new way to get traces into Honeycomb

Okay, the cat was out of the bag when the PR merged -- Regardless, we're happy to announce the existence of the Honeycomb Exporter for...

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Power to the People: Control Your Own Trigger Destiny with Webhooks

When we release something new, whether it's a new SDK or Beeline or a new feature in the UI, we'll often set a Honeycomb Trigger...

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The Honeycomb Beeline for Go v2 is...Go!

We've seen folks do amazing things using our Honeycomb Beelines--getting their apps instrumented in next-to-no time, expanding their observability, growing their understanding of what is...

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Announcing Query Descriptions and Query Builder UI Updates

This week we're shipping a few changes to our Query Builder interface. While they may appear small, they are the first steps in a larger...

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Announcing Honeycomb's Java SDK

Now Java developers can leverage Honeycomb to gain insight into the behavior of their apps and services by using an SDK similar to the ones...

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Get deeper insights with Honeycomb Tracing

We're excited to introduce Honeycomb Tracing! Now, you can both: Visualize individual traces to deeply understand request execution, and Break down, filter, and aggregate trace...

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