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Oncall and Sustainable Software Development

Yes, being on call typically and anecdotally sucks. I understand! If you’ve heard me speak, I often point out that I’ve been oncall since I...

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Event Foo: Building Better Events

This post from new Honeycomber Rachel Perkins is the seventh in our series on the how, why, and what of events. An event is a...

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Build Observable Systems

What should you log? When your systems break, it’s great to be able to look at what they were doing just before they broke. A...

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How Honeycomb Uses Honeycomb, Part 4: Check Before You Change

This post continues our dogfooding series from How Honeycomb Uses Honeycomb, Part 3: End-to-end Failures. As Honeycomb matures, we try to roll out changes as...

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ES7 await/async and superagent

TL;DR await/async are awesome, and you should use them instead of callbacks wherever you can (which is everywhere.) Async functions for ECMAScript is a stage...

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Part 4/5: Everyone is a DBA

DBAs may be the last remaining priesthood in our industry. But software engineers and operations engineers are increasingly finding themselves responsible for precious company data,...

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Part 2/5: Dear Software Engineers

Observability is not a thing for operations or some other team to care about. Software engineers, you are increasingly the primary owners of your own...

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