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BubbleUp Meets Tracing (and Other Odd-shaped Data)

A few weeks ago, BubbleUp came out of Beta. We've been getting fantastic user feedback on how BubbleUp helps users speed through the Core Analysis...

Software Engineering  

How To Talk to Your Boss About Honeycomb

At Honeycomb, we're pretty engineering-focused. We think our product is something every developer can benefit from, and we're working to build something we would want...

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The True Cost of “Search-First” Problem-solving on Your Production Systems

The search-first problem-solving approach—meaning “open up the log search tool” (Splunk, ELK, Loggly, SumoLogic, Scalyr, etc)—is a costly and time-consuming operation during which the true...

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Metric Analysis, Application Performance Monitoring, and Log Management: Where Does Honeycomb Fit In?

If you’re involved in improving the performance of your application, you’ve probably heard about application performance monitoring (APM), metric analysis, and log management. But you...

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How Much Should My Observability Stack Cost?

What should one pay for observability? What should your observability stack cost? What should be in your observability stack? How much observability is enough? How...

Product Updates   Observability  

Diving into Data with Honeycomb: BubbleUp (formerly codename: Drilldown) is in Beta!

This blog miniseries talks about how to think about doing data analysis the Honeycomb way. In this episode, we announce an exciting new feature, currently...

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The Core Analysis Loop, or: Heatmaps Make Analysis Better

In this blog miniseries, I'm talking about how to think about doing data analysis, the Honeycomb way. In Part I, I talked about how heatmaps...

Connectors & Integrations  

Honeycomb and Rookout: An Integration That Finds the Dots to Connect

This guest blog post is by Or Weis, Co-Founder and CEO of Rookout, the Rapid Debugging Company. He’s a low-level engineer and a CybSec Expert. You...

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Heatmaps Make Ops Better

In this blog miniseries, I'd like to talk about how to think about doing data analysis "the Honeycomb way."  Welcome to part 1, where I...

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Our Experience: Thundra Integration for Honeycomb

This is a guest post from Salih Kardan, Software Engineer @Thundra and Committer at Apache, formerly SRE @Opsgenie. He specializes in managing AWS services and...

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Explore RubyGems data with Honeycomb

Our new public dataset is now available — use it to analyze global download traffic of all gems hosted on RubyGems! About

Product Updates  

Speeding Things Up So Your Queries Can Bee Faster

Honeycomb strives to be a fast, efficient tool; our storage back-end satisfies the median customer query in 250ms (and the P90 in 1.3 seconds). Still,...

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