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o11ycon: A Conference For The Observability Community

By Charity Majors  |   Last modified on October 12, 2018

Hey friends,

We recently announced o11ycon, and the response has been terrific! Especially since we haven't really even told you all what we're planning. :)

First things first: o11y means observability. (Yes, abbreviations are annoying, but YOU try typing 'observability' twenty times a day with character limits. And o11y just sounds so cute!)

o11ycon will be a one day, single-track, participatory event, bringing together forward-thinking engineers and leaders from every type and stage and size of company, to answer two significant questions: what is observability, and how do we, as a community, do it?

What is observability? What does it mean?

If you just returned from Monitorama (like we did) you probably have as many questions as answers. Does it mean unknown-unknowns? Is it just a catch-all synonym for monitoring? Are there three pillars? Good lord, we all have so many questions. We need to sort this out together, as a group.

How do I get it?

If there's one question even more unifying than “what is it?”, it's “how do I get more of it?”.

  • From ops engineers: “How can I get my software engineers to be on call and give a damn? How can I give them the tools and permissions they need to debug their code in production?”
  • From software engineers, “How do I convince my ops and management chain that this is a good idea? How do I get them to give me permissions?”

Even if you're sold on software ownership as the ultimate state of devops, the question remains for everyone: how do I get there, from here?


This will not be a typical conference where you buy the opportunity to just sit and listen to 6-8 people speak. (We all have YouTube for that.) This is your opportunity to have your voice be heard. The majority of our time will be spent in facilitated discussions and open spaces on the important questions of the day: what, why, when, and how.

We see this as an opportunity--not to sell things, but to help move the industry forward. So we're inviting everyone with a vested interest in the next generation of software to come and lend their voice. If you have questions and want to learn, if you've done this before and have wisdom to share — please come.

If you're interested in sponsoring o11ycon, visit our sponsorship page.

For the latest details on o11ycon, follow @o11ycon on Twitter. 


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