HoneyByte: Kubernetes + Honeycomb

The new Honeycomb Kubernetes agent is out! This post describes how infrastructure metrics contribute to observability, and then walks you through the steps to start sending your own Kubernetes data into Honeycomb.

The Future of Ops Careers

For most teams, operations engineering is more necessary than ever. Honeycomb CTO Charity Majors describes what that work looks like for modern software teams, and the new responsibilities involved.

Handle Unruly Outliers with Log Scale Heatmaps

We often say that Honeycomb helps you find a needle in your haystack. But how exactly is that done? This post walks you through when and how to visualize your data with heatmaps, creating a log scale to surface data you might otherwise miss, and using BubbleUp to quickly discover the patterns behind why certain data points are different.

Outreach Engages Their Production Code with Honeycomb

Outreach is the number one sales engagement platform with the largest customer base and industry-leading usage. Outreach helps companies dramatically increase productivity and drive smarter, more insightful engagement with their customers. Outreach is a…

Observability 101: Terminology and Concepts

This post is to help orient folks who want to learn more about observability but maybe feel overwhelmed by the vocabulary list. The goal is to get everyone on the same page about what these words mean so that we can focus on leveraging the tools and ideas to build better software and deliver more value!